Paul and Derren started out from different Carpentry backgrounds, Paul being Structural & Mechanical, Derren from Interiors. Over the years they have worked together, they have seen the working and financial environment change, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. But throughout, they have always maintained a diligent, can-do attitude.

No-one likes it, whether they are a long standing site agent or a first time property developer, when a trade comes up to them and says ‘I have a problem; such and such does not work’, but to be told you did have a problem but got over it by doing this, gives them one less problem, which is why most of our custom comes from recommendation, and anyone will tell you that is the best way to do business.


Examples of previous projects:

A new build in Tunbridge Wells, which involved everything from craning up the trusses to all of the interior carpentry Small extension with different pitches from one side to the other, so as to be in keeping with the original roof Construction of a dome made on site and later leaded

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